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Our goal is to provide compassionate and individualized medical care with expert evaluation and guidance. We strive to determine the basis of health conditions and to help achieve and maintain optimum health using both traditional and alternative methods.
A Sustainable Medical Practice = Better Care

In the typical primary care medical practice the physician contracts with one or more insurance companies. The insurance company and the contracting physician negotiate set rates for each type of visit, diagnostic test and medical procedure. This guarantees the insurance company a cap on costs and allows the physician access to the insurance company's patients. However, insurance reimbursement rates leave little or no room for a profit. If the primary care physician is to keep afloat they must have a high turnover of patients. This usually entails strategies like double-booking time slots in the schedule, and limiting patient visits to 15 minutes or less. Further, the schedule is booked weeks in advance causing patients to face long delays in getting appointments. Physicians don't like it. Patients don't like it. The quality of care sometimes suffers, and nobody is happy.

The solution is to avoid these inefficient contracts. This has two effects. The first is that the physician sets the price for each service and is paid directly by the patient. If the prices are too high or too low, the business is not viable. The market guides the price, not a third party insurance company whose primary obligation is to the bottom line, not the patient. Secondly, the physician can dramatically cut overhead costs by eliminating the need to staff and equip a billing and collections department. With reduced overhead, the physician can spend more time with each patient for a reasonable price.

Spending enough time with a patient allows the physician to be thorough. Sufficient time fosters better communication for the patient and the physician. Whether a patient is being evaluated for a routine physical or for a complex set of symptoms or diagnoses, having enough time allows a better rapport and more thorough evaluation. Physicians like it. Patients like it. Distinctive & compassionate medical care.